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Since the start of the 20th century, Bugatti cars have been subject of fascination and admiration. From the earliest cars to the famous Grand Prix cars of the 1920s, they all featured technical innovation along with a strong artistic presence.

The history of the car's development is full of pioneers who devised the many small steps and the fewer major leaps in technical development. Technicians and engineers at that time were typically specialists in one or more disciplines in engine technology, like transmission, braking, suspension, bodywork and so on.

Ettore Bugatti, on the other hand, was a creative and artistically influenced genious, who probably inspired but preferably followed his own ways. Bugatti constantly had ideas about how one could do better and with his unique understanding of form and function, he noted his ideas in small and fast sketches. Through skilled employees, the sketches then formed the basis for later technical drawings for final production.

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