Bugatti in Denmark - motorsport and luxury cars before 1940

Based on the work on the Danish Bugatti cars in the articles in 'Veteran Tidende' and in the 'Nordic Bugatti Register', Frank Studstrup has written and in 2021 published the book 'Bugatti in Denmark - motorsport and luxury cars before 1940'.

The book presents the story of the Bugatti cars 1910 – 1940, tells of the early Danish importers and details 22 cars of a number of Bugatti types, which were imported to Denmark as new or used cars in the years from before the First World War and until 1940.

The Danish-owned Bugatti cars were sports cars, passenger cars and luxury cars, which often had exciting ownership stories and even in some cases distinguished themselves in racing on blocked country roads, wide beaches or racetracks.

  • 226 pages with 170 illustrations
  • Format 24.5 x 22.3 cm, hardcover
  • Danish or English language.

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