Nordic Bugatti Register

The register book contains all the circa 200 Bugatti cars, which since 1912 had been - or in 2014 was - owned in the Nordic countries, or owned by Nordic owners abroad.

The book describes each car in one page with photos, data and text on the car's history, based on the known sources - including original book-keepings from the Bugatti factory - which were available for the work.

The information has been collected and edited by the Nordic Bugatti Identification Group, consisting of Bo Söderberg, Per Hörlén, Per Henricsson and Per-Olof Håkanson, all from Sweden, Lennart Haajanen from Finland and Sweden, Ole Kristian Haugen from Norway and Frank Studstrup from Denmark.
Cover design by Peter Hamilton.

'Nordic Bugatti Register' of 2014 can still be ordered from the Swedish Bugattisektionen by using this link: