Bugatti Club Denmark - BCD

Bugatti Club Denmark has as its overall purpose to contribute to the community and activities around especially Danish-owned Bugatti cars as well as to promote the interest and conservation of Danish Bugatti history. The club is a marque-club with connection to the Danish Veteran Car Club, DVK.

The activities will primarily be to arrange two Bugatti meetings a year, one in spring and one in the autumn. The meeting are social and non-sporting meetings that last for a few days and are held alternating places in Denmark.

Bugatti Club Denmark has existed previously. In fact, the club was founded under the name 'Société des Bugattistes Danois' in the mid-1960s by the Danish Bugatti enthusiasts Erik Koux, H. C. Rasmussen, Jørgen Møller, Peter Elley, Jørgen Riber and Jens Nielsen.

The real reason was that Denmark in 1966 hosted the International Bugatti Rally, a task that led to the need to form a club.

In 1977 Denmark was again next in line with an international rally. Starting in Ribe, the participants droive towards Blokhus in Vendsyssel, heading on to Jyllandsringen in Silkeborg, and eventually ended in Helsingør. A total mileage of more than 870 km was covered.