‘Société des Bugattistes Danois’

In 1960s’ Denmark, the number of running Bugatti cars - and their owners - could be counted on one hand. Outside Denmark there was also a Danish Bugatti owner, Erik Koux. He lived in Switzerland and in 1958 he had participated in the first international Bugatti rally organized by Dutchman Guillaume Prick. This 1958 rally went Ettore Bugatti's old castle Ermenonville, northeast of Paris.

After Erik Koux had returned to Denmark in 1961, he made plans with other Danish Bugatti owners for an international Bugatti rally in Denmark. In order to have an organization as a basis for the rally, the Danish Bugatti owners founded 'Société des Bugattistes Danois'. This club became the predecessor of the current Bugatti Club Denmark.

The old Danish club organized two international Bugatti meetings in Denmark, in 1966 and again in 1977.

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