Membership of Bugatti Club Denmark

The BCD is a club for enthusiasts.

To become a member of the BCD, you must be in possession of a Bugatti or have special affiliation with the Bugatti community. Alternatively, you must be in possession of another similar, rare car, preferably from before World War II.

Membership requires that you are a member of the Danish Veteran Car Club (DVK) or a foreign equivalent club. And that you are recommended by an existing BCD member.

If you wish to apply for membership, please write to us via

Honorary members
Erik Koux
Jørgen Henckel Møller (1934 -2020)

At the foundation of the club in 2018 honorary memberships of Bugatti Club Denmark were given to Erik Koux and Jørgen Møller. Both were founding members of the Bugatti Club Denmark in the 1960s and have played significant roles in the Bugatti tradition in Denmark,